Love Me As If I’ll Die Today

“Let yourself become living poetry.”

– Rumi

I don’t know whether I will live tomorrow or not, but I’m happy that I met you today. It could have been just another day, but you made it special. Thank you, my friend.

Every time I met you, you always inspired me to move one inch forward toward my destiny. At every talk, I found an honest friend and lover in you. Thank you, my friend.

Whenever I’ve fallen back at the level of animals, you uplifted me to heights of angels. Do you remember the day I was depressed, and you sheltered me to my mind? Thank you, my friend.

The day you stopped talking to me, I felt as if I had lost my soul. But today, when you called me to meet at my space, I felt God descended to prove that friendship is the only real relationship in this world. Thank you, my friend.

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