No One Can Help Me

A boy crying at the empty static banks of a burbling flowing river with his head down touching his knees and arms folding his legs…

Stranger: Why are you crying? Can I help you?

Boy: No… Thank you! No one can help me.

Stranger: What happened? Did your girlfriend run away with someone else?

Boy: No. I just don’t want to live. It’s better I leave this body. There is nothing here. Everything has gone…Now there is no way…

Stranger: Why you’re wasting your ‘life and time’? Don’t you know, who you’re?

Boy: I have read everything. Still, I’m asking…Who am I, with no answer…

Stranger: You’ve asked your whole life who am I, now just meditate on ”what am I”… You’re a Creator. 

Boy: Who you’re and how you know it and why I believe you?

Stranger: Because I’m too a Creator…Hence I know it.

Boy: But I may not be as smart as you are?

Stranger: And maybe you’re smarter, faster and better than me.

Boy: It means I too can paint my life with the colors I want.

Stranger: Yeah, It’s like an empty canvas. Move your fingers on the blank sheet of paper and color it with the colors of your choice.

Boy: ”It means I’m a co-creator in this participatory universe.”

Stranger: Intelligent Boy!

Boy: But why has no one ever told me this simple truth.

Stranger: Now you know. Be satisfied with that.

Boy: Will I see you again?

Stranger: Maybe never


Maybe someday.

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