Can I Forgive Myself?

“To go wrong in one’s way is better than to go right in someone else’s.”

― Fyodor Dostoevsky, Crime and Punishment

I don’t know what sins you’ve committed in the past, whether it was a silly mistake or a blunder. I know that you’re innocent, at least in my eyes. Why I say, this is because my friend and I share the same human mind with you.

To forgive means to let go. You’re carrying a burden like a donkey. You don’t need that. There is a whole life in front of you. You’ve to do a lot of work. It’s not the time to feel the shame and guilt. You recognized your mistake. That’s enough; now forget about it.

Life presents us with challenges, and many times we make wrong decisions. It’s okay to go wrong with your chosen way. At least you didn’t follow the herd. You’ve done something that the majority can’t afford to do. It takes courage, and you showed that.

I’m not the person who’ll console you. I don’t care about your background and social image. Why, because I’ve nothing to do with you. I can forgive you easily because you’ve not hurt me personally, and it doesn’t matter.

Take a mirror and look straight into your eyes. Be answerable to the person in the mirror. She knows you well. The commitment and the lies, you know all that. If she can forgive you, it’s over. And even if she doesn’t show enough mercy to dismiss you, don’t worry. Our Mother- the Supreme Intelligence who rules over this Universe knows well how to create circumstances in that you’ll be able to wash your sins. Trust her.

You’re a good person, and I believe in the goodness within you. I hope that you’ll do better in life.

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