Passion & Profession

The world's most efficient and complex machine is between your ears. By harnessing its power, you can achieve whatever you wish, given it's permissible under the laws of nature.

“Forget about the fast lane. If you really want to fly, harness your power to your passion. Honor your calling. Everybody has one. Trust your heart, and success will come to you.”

– Oprah Winfrey

A lot of youngsters don’t understand the difference between passion and profession. Because of this misunderstanding, they often make foolish decisions causing them lifelong pain and suffering.

You can be passionate about almost anything on this planet, but not everything can become your profession. Hence, right from the beginning, you must be clear about the transition of passion to a job or business, and if you can’t turn your love to the profession, you must have an alternative source of income that can pay your bills.

Always consider the possibility of being run out of money; if you do not have a backup, there are fewer chances you’ll be able to pursue your dream.

Do you know what I hate the most on this planet?

When I see someone working under someone, she hates but still, she’s to do that job because she’s no choice. She needs money, and because of that, her employer exploits her. It feels terrible when we’ve to work for someone who doesn’t share our values and does something that doesn’t measure up to our standards.

The best way to avoid future traps is to become aware of your situations early in life. If you’re somewhere around fourteen to twenty-four, you’ve golden opportunities to pursue your goals and dreams. You can design your life the way you want. But for that, you’ve to learn a few mind hacks to trick your mind into following a path that goes to your destiny.

The world’s most efficient and complex machine is between your ears. By harnessing its power, you can achieve whatever you wish, given it’s permissible under the laws of nature. Between your legs, there exists the most creative and mindless device; if left unchecked, it can ruin your brain and body, killing your dreams and goals.

To pursue your passion, you must regulate the flow of sexual energy and use your brain’s intelligence, commanding your body to act in a way that produces productive results. Statistics show that most people can’t do that; hence they’re what you look around.

In upcoming articles, under this section, I’ll tell you the secrets that I learned from Books, Mentors, and directly from Mother Nature to create a life where I do what I love to do throughout the day, being passionate about the work that pays me nothing but has a future potential to be turned into a profession simultaneously generating enough income to pay my bills from my professional career.

It is a hilarious journey to share my experiences with you, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as I want wringing for you.

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  1. Mrinalini Singh Rawat

    One thing I want to say is that your presentation skills are fantastic. I believe that your passion will spark my life.

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