Recognize Your Failure Patterns

“Never quit on your dream, but learn to cut your losses and quit your plan if it is not working.”

― Ken Poirot

A loser has a distinct signature. She doesn’t cut her losses and keeps following the same plan even if it’s giving no results.

After committing a mistake, there remain two choices:

  1. Accept the error, learn from it and never achieve the same error.

2. Give an excuse, gain sympathy, and keep repeating the same mistake.

Most people opt for the second option and never achieve anything significant. They keep blaming people and circumstances, but the truth is that they’re unwilling to learn from their mistakes. That’s the only cause of their failure.

Make it a habit to recognize your failure patterns. Most of the time, because of bad habits, you’re practicing the same mistakes again and again and over again, thus making you a perfect failure.

Invest enough time to catch your errors and correct them. You’ll evolve into a different person who attracts only truth and love, creating a successful human being.

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