The Fault In Our Stars: An Eternal Quest

There is a Way and You’re that Way.

“What you’re supposed to do when you don’t like a thing is change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. Don’t complain.”

― Maya Angelou, Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now

Most of the time, most of us…

Think that something is wrong with our stars.

And sometimes we think that everything is wrong with us.

We ask the questions like…

Why me?

Why did Life select me to give all the pain and suffering available on the whole planet?

Why she is so merciless?

Why I’m born with a fault in my stars?

There are questions, so many questions and we get answers that give momentary satisfaction but with no real-life solution.

And if you’re expecting to get an answer to the question, my dear, sorry, no one can give a satisfactory answer to your question.

You have to find the ‘Way’ that is the end of all pain and suffering. And for that, you’ve to walk the ‘Way’ yourself.

No one can travel it for you, no matter how much he or she loves you.

It’s your journey, you’ve to travel it alone.

You can cry for the whole of your life. You’ll get sympathy for some time and then everyone will leave you in your condition leaving behind some memories of love and sacrifices.

Do you want someone else to wipe out your tears?

You’re cute and tender but still, you’ve to bear the pain.

There is no escape.

Why I’m crying when everyone else is laughing?

I may not be good enough but don’t I’ve got the right to be happy, loving and capable of living the life I wish to live?

Is there anything for me in this world?

Am I going to end up being a no-one, suffering all the time under the grip of guilt, fear, failure, confusion and more than anything else feeling inferior in front of everyone?

Is it my fate?

Is it the fault of my stars?

But why?

What I’ve done that Life treated me so disrespectfully?

Why? Why Me?

Am I not the child of Mother Nature? 

Don’t I have the right to be who I am?

You asked the questions, that’s the symbol of intelligence.

But it doesn’t mean there is no fault ‘anywhere’.

You believe, there is a fault in your stars, and that’s a wrong perspective.

This belief system is the real culprit.

And you have to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Just think…

If it’s true for you, then it must have to be true for everyone else.

If you see at the world, you’ll rarely see a person who has no problems, no pain, no suffering.

Some are suffering because of the lack of Money and some are suffering due to excess money.

Some are suffering because there is pain in their bodies and some are suffering because there is pain in their relationships.

Some are suffering because they are illiterate and some are suffering because they educated themselves with so much garbage of information that it’s hard to get rid of it.

Some are suffering because they were born poor and have no way to raise their voices and some are suffering because they were born rich and have no talent to shape their lives.

Everyone is struggling at one level or another.

My dear, You’re not alone.

It’s a great liberation because now there are a lot of people more than you can imagine getting a company to yourself in terms of pain and suffering.

There are two kinds of problems on this planet related to humans.

One, someone has and another doesn’t have.

For example,

Someone is starving with pain because she has nothing to eat and another is fighting with obesity because he has too much to eat.


You are in pain because of a headache and your boyfriend is in pain because his girlfriend didn’t reply to his message.


You’re in pain because you lost one of your dear ones and your girlfriend is in pain because her boyfriend didn’t call even at once in the whole twenty-four hours.

Pain is pain, and for me, it’s as real as yours.

So, don’t underestimate the pain of others.

It has multiple variables but a single function and that is suffering itself.

The other one is the problem that is with everyone irrespective of caste, status, and nationality.

No matter who you’re, where you’re and what you’re. You’re restless. With no peace and satisfaction in life, you’re suffering not because you have some problem or some fault in your stars but because you don’t understand who you’re in this universe.

You’re seeking Why? How? What? Where? When? With whom?

And with no answers.

Each day the same struggle. The same questioning, the same pain, the same suffering?

The same quest to search for faults in your stars.

But the truth is, whether you believe it or not ”there is no fault in your stars”.

Know yourself who you are and it all comes to an end. All the pain, all the suffering, all the trauma, and all the melodrama.

There is a Way and You’re that Way.

Now, where is pain, where is suffering?

Where is questioning?

Where is bondage and where is liberation?

You’re what you believe you’re.

Believe what you’re, not what you’ve been told by someone to believe.

Your belief system defines your identity and the future as a whole.


Once you realize the Truth…


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  1. You are amazing 💜 .. seriously ..with each post I am reading no one would believe it but I want to keep reading …
    Thank you for writing something that is so relatable …
    There’s no fault in our stars ..we should never believe and give in to the mediocrity the society tells us ….we should find out ..who we really are …
    Amazing 💜..Please keep writing

    1. Thanks, Devanshi for giving your kind attention to 😊.

      Your comments are valuable to me. It inspires me to write more. God bless you 😇🙏.

  2. Don’t worry about number of views. Just keep on writing what you love to write. You’re delivering quality content.
    Isn’t this encouragement enough to write your next post ?

  3. You’ve an excellent command over language. Explore on more topics that address common problems of life. The more you’ll help people the more more they’ll be likely to read your blog.

  4. Bhaiya, this blog post is excellent. Please write a post on the topic…

    “How to overcome fear of failure”

    Thank you 😊🙏

  5. Inspiring, creative and to the point…
    Addressing problems that we are facing daily. Thanks for this beautiful article.

  6. Written creatively.
    Thanks for writing such a great post addressing the most important problem within ourself. ,Today I learned a lot.

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