The Ideal Couple

Millions have Searched and Found It... In The Form of Pure Love - Unconditional, Ineffable, and Ethereal.

Made in Heavens: Just For Each Other

Have You Ever Looked…

At the most unobtrusive loving couple walking on the ground…


The most obtrusive loving birds flying in the sky…

Have You Ever Noticed…

The voices inside your head that said…

You Are ‘Here’.


Someone Is ‘There’ Waiting For You.

Have You Ever Listened…

To your noisy heart beating fast at the arrival of someone.


Then slowly and slowly calm down to listen to the inner sound of the quiet mind.

Have You Ever Felt…

That time has stopped and you are nowhere in the space-time continuum.

It’s The Presence Of ‘You’ And ‘Your Beloved’.

The five senses allow you to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch your surroundings.


Beyond That.

There Is Something That Can’t Be Reduced To Physical Examination Of Virtual Reality.

It’s something…

That ‘Connects Us’.

It’s something…

What Makes Us More Than An Animal.


Sometimes Much More Than A Human.

Millions have Searched and Found It…

In The Form of Pure Love – Unconditional, Ineffable, and Ethereal. 

You Can Call It…

Eternal, Infallible, or Ephemeral. 

Doesn’t matter.

Because It Can’t Be Reduced To Words. 

It’s where words come to an end…

And Silence Starts To Operate.

It’s where all the questions and doubts, fears and desires, confusion and disbelief end.

The pure witnessing of the moment remains without any prejudice or predicament.

All Remains Is…

The ‘Unconditional Love’ Without ‘I’ and ‘You’.

On The Physical Plane…

You Experience It With The Person Whom You Love The Most. 

You can feel her presence, and she can sense it without physical communication.

It seems like there are two bodies in existence but in reality…

Expression of ‘The One In Two.’

They may be separate on the ‘physical level,’ but they are united at the ‘spiritual plane’.

It doesn’t matter how far they are from each other.

They Can Feel Each Other.

No one can give you that feeling through a collection of words.

You Have To Feel It Yourself.


If You Can Feel It.

You can understand.

What is Love, and What is Its Power?

Without the Realization of That True Love.

There is no difference…

Between a humanoid and a human

Between a human and an animal

Between a dead sculpture of a man and a living man with flesh and bone.

(Behind The Scenes…

Whether it’s Reel-Life 


The ®📧🅰🕒 Life

No Matter Where A Story Starts…

It Ends With ‘Love And Sacrifice’.



Everything Is Eazy To Gain 🔛 This Planet.




If You Have THAT.

You Are One Of The Truly Wealthiest Persons Alive On This Planet.


Everything Follows THAT)

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