The Subject I Teach Is Life

She replied politely, "I am a teacher, and the subject I teach is life."

“I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. I am. I am. I am.”

— Sylvia Plath

I was never got impressed by my teachers who taught me academics.

I passed every grade with flying colours but secretly craved someone to teach me the Subject of Life.

When I met my mentor, I was disappointed. This person, whom I guessed was a failure, was more successful than I could’ve imagined.

She was successful in her approach to life—a vibrant lady expressing beauty and charm—a yoga teacher with zero followers on Instagram.

I checked her details. She was nowhere on the web.

Her one interaction taught me the magic of mystery, sensuality, and intimacy. I was more than what I was.

It was love at first sight with my Guru, a mixed feeling of hatred and love. Hatred because she was willing to take away everything from me and love because she was about to give me everything I needed to move forward.

“I teach life. Do you want to learn?”

Before I could answer anything, she said, “Write a blog. I’ll assist you online.”

“Do you teach online?” I asked with perplexed eyes.

“No. Operate offline. But I exist everywhere, from the atoms in your body to the pixels on your screen.”

“Are you God?” I couldn’t stop my tongue through these words.

She replied politely, “I am a teacher, and the subject I teach is life.”

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