The Lost Purse

Our awareness and our decisions make our future. From the moment we wake up in the morning until we sleep comfortably on our beds, we make thousands of little choices that create our destiny. If we don’t have the awareness to choose what’s best in our interest, always others will manipulate us in their self-interest.

We often encounter situations where we don’t know what’s best in our self-interest. We keep on revolving around a circle of confusion. Often, we become victims of conditions that drive us randomly from here to there.

Without purpose or meaning in life, we become lazy dogs who know nothing other than eating and sleeping. Many times the higher intelligence provokes us, but we keep on doing the same things over and over again. We don’t want to do anything new. Our comfort zone decides what we’re going to do at the given moment.

If there is a requirement for any additional work done, the easiest thing is to procrastinate. With practice, we become master procrastinators.

When we look around us, there is nothing special. Once we thought about big dreams and goals, now we’re working for a few cents.

I don’t know what I want to convey to you in this article, but in short, I had that lifestyle; the same boring routine, meeting people with a face like rotten tomatoes and working for money, being a slave of some idiot who is a so-called respectful person only because he has a good bank balance and authority.

Well, reading it, you maybe think, that’s normal. Everyone has to compromise in life for money and responsibilities. We’re not like you that we start living only for our dreams and goals, leaving aside everything from our families and responsibilities.

I agree with you, my friend, that you’ve responsibilities, and I highly appreciate your devotion to family. I salute you for your commitment and focus on your work, even though it pays you in pennies. You’re making others rich; that’s great; you’re doing excellent social service.

Do you know why people exploit us?

Because we have a never-ending stream of desires, they know that with a single click or one word of mouth, they can manipulate us. They’ve high jacked our thoughts and feelings. We’ve lost our freedom in their hands, becoming enslaved people for little words of appreciation and a few bucks of money.

We hate our jobs. Still, we do that because we don’t have a choice. But have you ever questioned yourself why you don’t have an option first?

Are you less intelligent and sexy than your boss, or do you not have enough intelligence than your employer?

Why can’t you think of starting some work of your own?

What about starting a small business or becoming a freelancer?

I don’t say that you should leave your job today but at least spend a few minutes of the day thinking about new ideas, reading good books on business and communication. Who knows when you decide your self-interest, and the probability of success starts working in your favor giving you an edge in your expertise.

Meditate on your dreams and goals. The Universe is always ready to help you. Irrespective of your past, there is hope about the possibility of success. I’m not writing here anything about inspiration. I trust the Universe, and I believe in freedom. I can’t tolerate being ruled by a few idiots who run a campaign of advertisements selling products that no one wants to purchase but still, their customers don’t have the brains to choose to distinguish between right and wrong because these idiots have a good marketing team, including people like me who work for few bucks of money selling their honesty and prestige. I don’t want to work there. Hence I resigned.

That’s decision changed my life forever. Now I don’t have a job and a fucking boss. I’m the master of my mind and captain of my soul. I’m a free bird travelling long distances in space and time finding new coordinates of success earning more more than I ever earned and living more than I ever lived.

I wish the same freedom and luxury for you.




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