Design Your Life The Way You Want

“Your life is your story, write well, edit often.”

– Anonymous

It doesn’t matter how bad your past was; this is the moment in the present where you can start creating a promising future. You’ve nothing to do except accept reality and forgive everyone in your life, including yourself.

It’s important to forgive because we can’t move forward in life without forgiveness. If you do not forgive others, the mind filled with resentment will always seek revenge, and if you do not forgive yourself for the mistakes you made in your life, you’ll keep finding ways to punish yourself.

The human body is innocent, and the mind is a moist computer that you can program with beautiful thoughts of love, confidence, happiness, joy, satisfaction, excitement, and enthusiasm. If you accept your body as it is with deep love and gratitude for this beautiful gift of Nature. If you feed your mind with all kinds of positive information available on this planet and abroad, nothing can stop you from remaining happy all the time.

Many people talk about pain and suffering reflected in their lives and live a life of misery. For them, the world is hell, and they’ve been sent here for punishment. What a foolish way of thinking?

Can you become prosperous by thinking about poverty?

We create our world of name and form with the words we use in day-to-day life. If your vocabulary is rotten, how can you expect a romantic relationship with your partner?

We, the Creators, co-create the Universe in which we live. We can create hell with all kinds of thoughts of fear and terror, or we can express love and gratitude to make the most beautiful world called heaven here on Earth.

It’s up to us what we wish to create. A confused mind can only produce a confusing product confusing millions of people around it, and on the other hand, a clear mind will bring peace and harmony to the Universe.

Ask yourself who you are and what you wish to create in the life of others, including yourself. The journey will start with you, but it will impact millions of humans on this planet. Whether good or bad, definitely you’ll create something. Why not create a world of beauty and perfection that starts with self-love and gratitude for the Creator who made us witness the magnificence of this planet called Earth.

The moment where change is possible is Now. You can leave all those bad habits and replace them with good habits. You can forgive others, including yourself, for everything. You can forget the past and accept the present as it is, creating a beautiful world using the most positive words available on this planet.

Don’t expect anything from anyone. It’s your life. Design your life the way you want. All the ingredients are here at this moment. All you need is a willingness to do something that can change the course of your life forever.

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