The Rose Knows Its Name

 “You change the world by being yourself.”

 —Yoko Ono

You don’t need to learn and practice anything other than being yourself. Every knowledge and understanding comes to an end when we find ourselves.

The most significant transformation in our life comes with identifying the Self. We leave the web of fear and egoism. We start living the way we’ve been made to live by expressing ourselves.

You’ve all the ingredients required to get success in life. The talent and skillset are already there. It would help if you aligned your abilities and skills with the current market structure.

Irrespective of your age, if you’re reading this article by default, you’ve spent a considerable time on this planet and know how to survive. The next thing is to realize your true potential.

The more you push your limits better you evolve in life as a human being. Only through the struggle can you know there is no struggle in life.

It’s nothing but a game. The day Rose knows her name, she feels like being Rose, and her fragrance inspires others naturally.

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