The Story of Wealth-Creation: From Saving to Investing

It's now the moment we can write a new story of wealth creation.

“Women fake orgasms and men fake finances.”

― Suze Orman

When it comes to finance, we often boast too much. Even though we don’t have sufficient purchasing power, we still squander money to impress others.

There is no significant income, but we fake it in front of others, and what do we get?

A fake third-grade self-satisfaction.

How shameful is it to lie about what we don’t have?

Are you struggling to manage your finances, and if yes, why is it difficult?

Either you need to improve at mathematics, or your psychology needs to be stronger.

Let's do the calculation. You earn X monthly income, and your expenses are Y. Now, if Y>X, definitely you'll be in trouble. 

The solution to this problem is simple. Keep maximizing X and minimizing Y, and you’ll live a life of abundance without ever needing to live on credits. You don’t have to beg anyone ever.

The next problem is weak psychology. You always think about scarcity and poverty. That's what reflects in your life, irrespective of your income level.

If your mindset is poor, the Universe can respond to you only in a way that creates a poor lifestyle.

You wish to look rich in the eyes of others, but you feel poor in your own eyes.

Can you see the conflict in your head?

We always live in fear of losing money which is a mental problem. Our attention is on guarding what we’ve rather than earning more. Then we’ll take no risk or less than required to generate extra income. We’ll not invest money in financial instruments. We’ll not start a new business. It will cripple us, and as a result, we’ll spend our life as mediocre.

I don’t mean that you should become reckless with your money. That’s the least possible advice you can expect from me. Instead, I suggest guarding the gold like a dragon but understanding the nature of money. The purpose is to live a prosperous life and feel true abundance instead of fake richness.

We’ve to become good investors. We must train our minds to think about the probabilities of future gain. We must learn how to increase our wealth with the resources in our hands. We’ve to create a system-driven mechanism to execute the wealth creation plan.

It’s now the moment we can write a new story of wealth creation. We can start working today by taking an oath to improve our financial health so we don’t have to fake finances.

In upcoming articles under this section, I’ll present the wealth-conscious approach to achieving your financial freedom.

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