How to Do the X-Ray Analysis of the Past?

Knowledge doesn't give us victory; it only allows us to choose from a menu of options. It's our action that writes life's story.

“I don’t like to gamble, but if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself.”

– Beyonce

We’ve limited time to waste, and we’ve wasted a lot already. If we look at our past, we’re the result of the countless decisions we took since we learned to walk on our feet. We could’ve been something else if we had the wisdom to make wise decisions.

Past gives an X-ray analysis of our deep subconscious beliefs. It helps us see where we came from, who we’re, and what we can do in the future. It matters a lot because only by analyzing one’s past can someone predict the future.

A person is the result of his collective desires and fears. The deep-rooted cravings, the sexual drive, and the humiliation one face determine one’s path in life.

If we want to change the destiny of our lives, we’ve to look back to our past and connect the dots to see the complete picture of our life’s story.

Without analyzing past results, we can’t say anything about anyone. Hence, if you look deeper into the picture of life, it’s the present that matters. In a moment, it will become the past, and our decision will become the determining factor in our life.

Every moment we’re writing our life stories. We’re composing, editing, and forwarding the messages of love and fear, lust and hope, ego and pride. Unconsciously we’re the creators of our destiny. There is no one to blame for our failures. We are responsible for our thought, action, and speech. We decide to choose this path or that.

With knowledge comes the ability to choose right from wrong, but we must take action. That’s where most people fail. We all know right and wrong; we don’t know how to make the right move. This missing part creates all the difference.

On the stage of the world, we find ourselves helpless and hopeless. We seek someone’s advice. We want someone to come and spoon-feed us. We want sure results of our actions, and in doing that, we bet on others. What can you expect from that decision except for failure?

It’s hard to bet on oneself and take responsibility for success and failure. Not everyone can do that; hence, fewer highly successful people worldwide. Knowledge doesn’t give us victory; it only allows us to choose from a menu of options. It’s our action that writes life’s story. I’ll make sure to give you the recipe if you’re ready to take action.

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