What Do We Need To Know?

Are you overweight?

Are you frustrated in your career?

Are you broke or living without romance for many years?

Are you afraid to express yourself?

What’s your problem?

The two great fears that we face in our lives are the fear of being wrong and the fear of losing money. We live a dry life without dreams and goals. We don’t have clarity and focus in our works. We don’t want to come out of the narrow hole of our comfort zone and take a risk.

There is pain in our lives, and we’re suffering. Still, we’re unwilling to change ourselves. We don’t want to challenge our status quo.

We’re struggling with finances. We don’t have enough money in our bank account to survive and no job to support us in the future. We don’t have any skills or talent that we can earn. We’ve access to the internet resources, but we don’t know how to use them in our favor.

We talk about success, but we know that we’re failures deep down. We’ve failed to reach the height where we belong. We blame people and circumstances for our problems, but we never think critically to find a solution. We hope that someone else will come and motivate us to do the actual work.

The truth is that we’re confused and have no ambition in life. We sit on a chair and narrate our stories. We don’t do anything that can bring a change in our lives.

Our health is falling, and our relationships are rotten. The future is dark, and there is no hope; still, we’re doing nothing.


Because we don’t want to be proved wrong, we fear that we’ll challenge our status quo if we try to change ourselves. We hate to take that challenge.

We’re afraid to lose the little money that we’ve. We don’t want to learn anything new by paying a fee for a course or purchasing a good book. We hate acquiring a new skill.

We don’t want to do anything because of our fear and ego. We’ve nothing. Still, we have fear and ego. That’s the reason for our deterioration.

If we want to change, we’ve to begin from scratch; like the little children learning to walk, we’ve to fall, again and again, standing once again to prove ourselves in our eyes that we’re good enough.

We have the strength, endurance, and flexibility to adopt the change. We know how to survive in an adverse environment. Whether it’s a problem of health, finance, or relationships, we’re good enough to solve that independently.

We don’t need support from others to survive. We’re capable of doing the best because we’re among the best of the best.

Once we get inspired from within not to tolerate the pain and suffering anymore, we start doing the actual work that works. We begin to accept and love ourselves the way we are.

The change is inevitable. Once we start believing in our capabilities, life opens new portals in our life. We enter higher dimensions of consciousness to attract health, wealth, and wisdom. It’s our birthright to live a life of abundance and prosperity. We’ll have that at any cost. With that belief comes the inspiration to stand up and walk the street we’ve never been to.




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