What To Do When Everyone Is Against You?

You did your best to convince everyone; now it's time to finish the scene.

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”

– Ayn Rand

That’s a good sign if everyone is standing against you. The war you were avoiding has started. There is no fault of yours. You did your best to convince everyone; now it’s time to finish the scene.

Listen to the voice of the heart, not mind. What does it say to you?

Follow her voice. You’ll not regret this mistake. If you’re true to yourself, you’ll find your destiny.

You’re thinking about your parents, friends, relatives, and teachers. What will they think about me?

Isn’t that the question irrelevant now?

You’ve prepared yourself so long for this war, and now you can’t turn back your ass. The genius within you is calling for adventure. Your spirit is ready to enter a new world order.

Now, why did you turn around?

It’s a war of your independence. You’ve been caged to a prison of orthodox beliefs and dogmas for so long. Now, it’s time to break those chains of guilt and shame. Fight back and conquer your fear. It will guide you in your journey in life.

The more you become fearless, the better you’ll be able to understand life in its original form.

Free your mind and think for yourself. Think about the future of your family and friends. More than that, think about the destiny of the Universe within you. Where do you want to take it?

When you think with an open mind, you’ll see the patterns inviting you to decode the messages Mother Intelligence has sent you for all those years you were sleeping in the darkness.

Forget what you were in the past. Accept the truth of the present and enter the dimension of Now. Surrender yourself to the light within you, and the darkness will be wiped out from your home.

Your heart knows what you’ve to do. Even if it’s against the hopes and dreams of everyone, work on yourself to improve yourself. You’ve got the talent. You can’t waste it. Focus on the goal you’ve set for yourself. That’s the reality for you, except that everything is a distraction.

Do you know what to do with those distractions?

Kill them. That’s the end of the scene. Finish it with a single stroke. Please don’t waste your time.

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