March 2022

Love At First Sight

My response was affirmative
Our eyes met and we both smiled
The movie came to an end
It was love at first sight

I Still Love You

Living in hell

Writing poetries for you


I love you, now and always

The Romantic Nights

The romantic nights
That I spent with her
Those were the contracts
Signed by her for my murder

How To Take The Right Decision?

Often we face contradictions in our life. The left brain says, this one is right and the right brain says, that is right. Often we get caught in a tug of war. The logical brain calculates the probability of our actions, whether it’s rational or not, and the emotional brain derives a biased answer originating …

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Matters of Self-Respect

Aira: Why people don’t give me the ‘attention and respect’ that I deserve? Airis: It’s because you don’t have a respect for your Self. Aira: You mean I don’t have self-respect? Airis: Somehow, like that… Maybe, you don’t know your actual worth. Aira: All I know is that I’m not a genius and I don’t …

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Wake Up! From The Long Sleep

Life is a continuous process of learning… …The moment we stop learning We start dying…  …To be able to feel alive is to keep on learning Every moment…  …We must be willing to learn something new Through continuous learning… We Evolve .  Recommended Reading: The Miracle Morning: The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before …

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Empty You Mind

make the ‘chattering-voice’ inside your brain silent for some time during the day to see the Reality as it is, not a twisted version of it.

The Story Of Life

“Courage Comes On Its Own When We Have A fear Of Boredom And Mediocrity More Than The Fear Of Death.” A Couple Of Years Back… The Teacher: Boy. You’ve Got The Talent. You’re humble, intelligent, and have the potential to compete. Pay more attention to the syllabus, and you’ll increase your marks significantly. Child: Mam. What exactly I’ll …

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The Quest of Who Am I?

The boy, 200,000 years ago wandering without any purpose in the thick toilsome forests of East Africa, also didn’t know what to do and what not to do. 

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