I Still Love You

It was a full moon night

The stars were flickering

I was nervous

She came and it all started

She touched my hands

For the first time in my life

I felt profound fear

For no reason, she kissed me

I was stunned

Her beauty was magnetic

I was thinking about God

And he sent Gabrielle

No baby I am not wasting your time

You're concerned about the kiss

I am thinking about God's mercy

How fair he is in this game

Sweetheart tell me one thing

She asked

Everyone admires my beauty

What's special in you

I said I am an artist

I see perfection in you

You're a goddess

Whom I wish to pray

Her reply was not shocking

Before you proposed to me

I was having romance

With my boyfriend

To be true to you

I am in a serious relationship

With someone else

Now what shall you do

It all started that day

I said

For the rest of my life

I'll write to you


You'll not be able to forget me

I'll keep on beating

In your heart

Listen you don't know me

I'm Lucifer

Exiled from heavens, but still

The most beautiful angel

Living in hell

Writing poetries for you


I love you, now and always


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