A Creative Way to Develop a Successful Relationship

That's the paradox of transformation. Provide moisture in a relationship and wait and watch. The miracle will happen.

You come to love not by finding the perfect person but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.”

Sam Keen

It’s not the person but your attitude that defines your relationship’s edge. Suppose your intention is pure, and you’ve got the will to continue the relationship. In that case, irrespective of the level of deterioration, there is always hope left.

No person is as bad as you think. Accept her the way she is, and you can transform her into a better person. Forgiveness creates miracles.

Don’t try to humiliate her for mistakes, and show compassion. She’ll understand your point of view. Love her unconditionally, and you’ll create a special place in her heart where she’ll always be willing to share moments with you.

Spend quality time with her. Show her your creativity and imagination. Tell her about your dreams and goals. Ask her for advice and guidance. 

She’ll start healing herself when you drop your ego and stop insisting on changing her nature. The seed sprouts when left undisturbed with proper moisture.

That’s the paradox of transformation. Could you provide moisture in a relationship and wait and see? The miracle will happen.

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