Why Written Plan Is The Real Plan?

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.”

― Peter F. Drucker

Ideas come and go. There is nothing special if something special comes to your mind and you cannot manifest it in the real world.

Spoken words instantly lose meaning in a chaotic world where the next thing is waiting for our attention every second.

Make a habit of jotting down your ideas on paper. Once written, you’ll be able to do the self-revision and self-correction.

When we write the plan on paper, the brain makes specific neural connections, associating memory with a particular result. We’re inspired naturally to chase that goal without stress.

Always have a few blank pages or a mini diary with a pen. Carry it everywhere and write the idea or plan instantly when it strikes your head.

This single habit will help you improve your results significantly and save you from doing a lot of mental labor in the later years of your life.

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