Always Aim To Touch The Clouds In The Sky

In the mind of every artist there is a masterpiece.

― Kai Greene

When we start practicing any art, first we produce a lot of garbage. Many pieces of lousy art reflect our deep-rooted fears and sexual cravings. We feel embarrassed to disclose our personal love affairs to the world, but we’ve no choice. In the world of an artist, nothing is hidden or forbidden.

We expose ourselves by writing poetries of heartbreaks. We express our anxiety in the form of essays. We compose a lot of nonsense that has no meaning to the world, but these emotions and feelings are important to us then.

The world revolves around us; we claim our territory by writing sonnets of love. Then there comes a time when we get exhausted from these fantasies. The known comes to an end, and we transport ourselves to the dimension of the unknown.

Here everything is in a state of oblivion. We don’t know exactly where we’re going and what we will produce. We’ve transcended the physical world, and now we wander in a Universe of infinite possibilities. There are no limits to our imagination and creativity in this living sphere.

Anything is possible. All it takes is the commitment to sit down and focus on practicing the art. The Goddess of Creativity guides us herself. We don’t need any external support from anyone outside of ourselves. The art becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Day after day, with practice and intent to produce better work, we stop rationalizing ourselves and start developing a winning attitude where everything is accessible with our imagination. Our creativity becomes the most significant asset for survival.

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