What To Do On A Boring Day?

Somebody’s boring me. I think it’s me.

– Dylan Thomas

Many times during the day we feel bored. Everything is another version of what we’ve done in the past. Nothing seems to enlighten us. It feels cheap to talk to our friends, and work is the next shit of a bulldog.

I hate boredom. I’m a person who wants to explore things, always curious to get something unique. I need a kick on my ass several times a day to stay tuned with the creativity within me.

I can’t wait and watch for the inspiration to come and strike my head like a lightning storm on a lousy day. I want something sexy to do now.

If you can resonate with me, it means we both are the beads of the same garland. Now we can enjoy together a song of love.

In my high school days, I was a romantic poet but shy and dry. I never wrote anything worth reading, but composing verses gave me feelings of bliss. I enjoyed writing stanzas that didn’t measure up to my standards.

The emotions of fear and guilt blocked me. I never presented my ideas to anyone, and my literary artist hibernated for the next five years.

One morning I woke up with a desire to write my morning pages at 3.45 a.m. I listened to the voice of a more creative bird than me. I got a narrative, and I started to compose a song. The song never got completed, but it gave me an insight that inspired me to create a blog.

I will love to share that insight with this article if you’re willing to listen to me.

The bird doesn't know the technicals of the song she's singing. She doesn't even know what a piece is. All she does is chit-chat-chatter. We call it a melodies song. 

Keep doing some chit-chat-chatter daily, and you'll not feel bored with life. One day a few people like me may say, "I love the song of this bird. Her voice is melodious."

The bird doesn't care who is saying what. She keeps on doing what she always did...
Chit-chat-chatter, and she never felt bored. 

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