It is only when we are no longer fearful that we begin to create.

― J. M. W. Turner

When we take the courage to practice an art, the significant challenges that come our way are self-created fears. We generate the thoughts of attachment and emotions of affliction with the skill we’re practicing.

If the statistics of views and likes matter more than the peace and satisfaction you’re getting from practicing your art, my dear friend, you’re on the wrong track.

Art is about self-expression, and others have the choice of not liking your work. If the opinion of others matters more than your desire to express yourself, you can’t become a true artist.

To get more views and likes, you can start creating the content that the audience wants, but in that process, you’ll lose the cuteness and playfulness of your inner artist.

If you aim to start a business out of your art, learn marketing and sales, but if you want to enjoy the luxury of being an anonymous artist, you’ve nothing to do except practice daily without getting attached to the outcome.

The audience may enjoy your simplicity and creativity, but it will not make a difference in your life. You’ll keep on producing one art after another without inner struggle and outer drama.

The views, likes, compliments, suggestions, and approval from veterans are nothing but a distraction. The great Creator is the only true judge of your work.

If you want to show anyone anything, produce quality works that you can present at the feet of the Lord of the Universe. Any chase less than that is a distraction from mastering the art you practice every day.

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