Are You Here To Kiss Me?

A new morning
A new hope
My friend
I feel blessed to be in your arms

Your beauty, your charm & your affection
Your unforgettable smile
Are you an angel?
Who descended from heavens

To teach me a lesson of life
To love me and to nourish me
Cutie pie
Are you here to kiss me?

The chocolate in your mouth
Filled with the sweetness of eternity
The moment you locked your lips over mine
I entered a zone of serenity

The romance in your eyes
Inviting me for a hangover
My Friend
What’s your intention?

To kiss me or kill me
Cutie pie
I’ll not say a word
Except for thanking you

Suggestive Reading: Harper Collins India Rumi – A New Translation By Farrukh Dhondy


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