If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.”

― Gordon A. Eadie

The answer to this question is both yes and no.

Let me explain first why unequivocally no.

The problem is our decaying bodies and rotten minds. We’re stagnating from the inside. The reason is so obsessed with thoughts that we cannot witness reality as it is. We see everything with a filter of the past. So if you’ve one or several experiences of failure, the mind will tell you a story of loss. It will convince you that you can’t win at any cost. Hence, futile is the struggle to succeed. Better don’t take any risks and keep on doing what you were doing. There is no need to take the challenge to change. Failure is inevitable.

Now let me explain why the answer is unequivocal yes.

The human brain is a moist computer. We can program it with new thoughts and feelings. We can resolve the unwanted emotions and replace the ideas that create resistance with better ones. If we realize the potential of the brain, we’re superhuman species that is capable of transforming itself according to the ecosystem. The change is inevitable, but we’ve to do the work of changing our attitudes and beliefs. It’s neither easy nor challenging.

Whether you’re struggling with poor finances, unhealthy relationships, or any other problem, the solution is one. If something is broken it needs repair. Here the problem is a mindset. There is something programmed wrong within us that’s creating the opposite reality of our desire. We’ve to work on this issue systematically, and the approach must be scientific that guarantee winning results.

Identify those attitudes and beliefs within you that are causing conflict with your desire. Most probably, it’s the sick mindset that is producing diseased results.

You’re poor not because some God in heaven has given you a bane to be poor but because you don’t have the right mindset to create wealth. Your relationships are damaged because you don’t understand human psychology.

Money and relationships both are necessary to live a fulfilled life. To live means not to survive but to enjoy the life-like a king and queen. It would help if you had to program your mind on how Universe works.

There is intelligence in every cell of our body. It knows what to do next. The proof is our existence. We’re the ones with a negative thinking mind that creates the conflict. We’re working hard but in a way that can’t be called wise because it’s anti-nature.

Our nature is to love ourselves unconditionally, and we hate ourselves. We have a negative attitude toward money, and we don’t respect those in a relationship with us. What we expect is some magic or miracle. No, dear, life doesn’t unfold itself in that way. There is a process we must have to follow, and there is a way that we’ve to walk following the exact procedure.

Are we ready to do the mental work?

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