“If you don’t take the time to think about and analyze your life, you’ll never realize all the dots that are all connected.”

– Beyonce

We spend most of our time doing random tasks without thinking about what impact it’s making on our lives and the lives of others. We don’t want to think and analyze our life. We never ask questions like what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

Because of this lack of self-introspection, we live second-hand lives. We achieve nothing significant. Our attention is always on the wrong things. We do more but achieve little because our work has no excellent quality.

When we don’t know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, there is no driving force for more significant action. We accomplish little and become content with that.

Our thought makes us mediocre; when we think and feel like ordinary people, our actions give average results.

Our present life results from our collective decisions based on deep-rooted desires and fears. There is nothing random. If we can connect the dots, it’s a structured pattern. Every drop will be connected to another if we take time to sit down calmly and analyze our life stories.

The people we meet and the work we do reflect who we’re. Our friends, colleagues, and even the strangers we meet reflect our nature. They are mirrors that reflect our insecurities, cravings, fears, and hopes.

Now the question arises, what shall I do with this information?

First, when you know your life story, you’re less susceptible to exploitation by others. If you’re not satisfied with the path you’re walking on, you can change that. Where there is a choice, there is power. This power helps us to realize the higher purpose of our life.

Analyze your weaknesses and strengths. Identify your talents. Learn new skills with that you can perform on better platforms. Elevate the scope of your reach, and you’ll enter a new world of possibilities.

Remember always that there is a distance between potential and reality. You must have strength, focus, and commitment to travel that distance. Without hard work, it’s not possible to reach any great height.

There is no great success with clever work or fast work. There is no alternative to hard work. Irrespective of your field, you’ve to do the actual work, i.e., hard work. Anyone telling you a different story is a cheap distraction.

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