Can’t Focus On One Thing At A Time

“Focus is a matter of deciding what things you’re not going to do.”

— John Carmack

Like a monkey jumping from one branch to another without any purpose, the habit of the mind is to wander from one thought to another with no reason.

We waste significant mental energy during this transition from one thought to another, aimlessly discharging our fuel and gaining nothing.

We can focus on one idea and materialize it with solid intent and intense purpose. When concentrated on a task, the mind can do miracles for us.

There is no intelligence in wasting our precious energy on random actions with no result—narrow your attention to a work capable of producing significant results.

Don’t think of the outcome. If you’re enjoying the process and doing it with good intent and for a great purpose, the Universe will support you in every possible way.

Circumstances will start favoring you once you’re committed to completing the task. People will be willing to help in achieving your goals because they’ll start seeing the future in you.

Once you’re ready to select a work of your choice and start learning the basics, the veterans of that particular field of work appear to support you.

They may come to you through an ebook, blog, video presentation, or podcast. You’ll hear the truth from their mouth.

The Universe wishes to see you at your best. You’ve got a talent. Please don’t waste it wandering here and there.

Instead of wasting your energy on scrolling Insta reels and chatting on Facebook, open the resources of learning.

The Internet has opened Pandora’s box of infinite possibilities. The web is waiting for you to come and contribute.

Remove the distractions and start generating quality content. Practice hard, and you’ll create something unique that people will be more willing to pay you than you’re begging for.

Focus on one thing. It’s waiting for you.

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