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Let your penile muscles get tightened, and start doing something creative. You'll begin refreshing yourself with new energy.

Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything.

– George Lois

Apart from our physical appearance, we’re different in our approach to solving problems. We think differently and act accordingly.

Many times we adopt a set pattern and stop exploring. We keep revolving around our comfort zone. Life becomes a monotonous desert of existence.

We become bored of our work in a couple of weeks and months. There is nothing new. Life sucks, but still, we don’t leave our homes.

To live a life above boredom and mediocrity, you must show courage. Leave the luxury of your comfort zone.

  1. Start a new business project of your own.
  2. Join a martial art club or gym.
  3. Try singing and dancing.
  4. Practice yoga and start writing.

I’m not saying to try everything. Pick something as simple as running or swimming but give yourself a blood pump.

Let your penile muscles get tightened, and start doing something creative. You’ll begin refreshing yourself with new energy, and the goddess of creativity will start speaking to your brain with innovative ideas.

Don’t forget that nothing is free in this world. Everything has an intrinsic value associated with it. If you want something precious, you’ve to pay the price.

Be patient; the day will come when you become a master creator.

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