Dreams And Goals

Ye beloved son of God You’re not here to sleep all day long.

What kind of life you’re living?

Realize the potential within you

Ye beloved son of God

You’re not here to sleep all day long.

Look within yourself

With guilt and shame carrying on your shoulders

Destroying the beauty of your body and mind

Are you satisfied with your performance?

Listen the call of your heart

Tell me the reason of your failure

Isn’t it true my angel of life

That you’re the cause of your destruction?

For little pleasures and instant gratification

You sacrificed your future

What about your dreams and aspirations?

You could’ve written a story

How’ll you live the rest of your life?

With fear and anxiety

Mediocrity and boredom

Without creativity and courage.

Change yourself

Before it becomes late

My dear, I love you

Think about your dreams and goals.

2 thoughts on “Dreams And Goals”

  1. This blog might seems to be small but precise ,has a deeper meaning, best motivation. These few lines actually reveal the harsh reality of life .just because of temporary pleasures one get distracted from the path which will no doubt bring long lasting happiness in ones life.

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