I Don’t Know How to Write

My work is to discover myself, and it's possible through engraving my thoughts on the screen.

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

― Ernest Hemingway

Listen, I’m not a writer. I don’t know how to write.

What I do here is create an experience for myself through words and pictures. It’s my amusement through exposure to limitless possibilities of imagination.

I contradict myself through self-expression. I challenge myself through writing. I struggle here to find meaning in my life.

I want to know what’s cooking inside my head…

…Why do I feel the way I never felt

I want to know where I’m wrong in my life…

I write for fun. I don’t care whether anyone is going to read it or not.

My work is to discover myself, and it’s possible through engraving my thoughts on the screen.

That’s my way of writing. I’m not a professional.

If you’re getting anything of value from these blog posts…

It’s because of your wisdom. There is no contribution on my part. I write everything for my self-satisfaction.

If you want to learn something from me…

My dear friend, let me tell you the truth: I’m the least credible person on this planet to share with you any authentic knowledge.

Thanks for your love and support. I love you and would’ve been happy to help you, but I have nothing to give you except hope that…

The future is brighter than the past. You can trust my words; it’s okay if you don’t believe in me.

I’m not here to prove anything. It’s your life. Do whatever you wish, but please be selfish; if not others, think for yourself.

Do something that can create real happiness in you. Exercise read books and blogs, write journals and watch educational videos. Stay away from porn, and don’t indulge in unsafe sexual activity.

The real satisfaction in life comes from pain. Doing something real in the real world makes you feel like a real man or woman. My greatest desire is to see the real man/woman in you.

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