Holistic Healing

Love Your Body

The body is the mirror of the spirit. It reflects our deepest fears and desires. We can’t hide the grudge, resentment, anxiety and depression. It appears on our body as a disease.

Most of the problems in life are because of our negative attitudes and beliefs. We hate our bodies, criticize it and feed it with all kind of unhealthy food. We forget the truth that only through this body we can enjoy the beauty of this world.

Body is innocent. It needs love and affection. Please don’t abuse it. It’s the gift of God. Embrace it.

Accept yourself as you’re. Don’t judge yourself based on conventional measures of beauty and smartness. Don’t discriminate yourself on behalf of sex.

You’re beautiful and smarter than any other creature on this planet. Nature gave you unique strengths and abilities. You have a lot of energy in your body. Please don’t waste it.

Forgive the mistakes that you’ve done and forget the past. Start a new life with new attitude and belief.

You’ll experience a new world.

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