Embracing The Unknown

We're afraid of unknown territories. We don't want to exit our comfort zone. Even if it gives us pain and suffering, we still don't want to challenge the status quo.

“One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end.”

― J. Krishnamurti

We’re afraid of unknown territories. We don’t want to exit our comfort zone. Even if it gives us pain and suffering, we still don’t want to challenge the status quo.

Our life is made up of habits of laziness and procrastination. What we’re doing is because of our belief system. We never questioned our beliefs; in return, we remained the same. We’ve practiced hard to stay mediocre. Whose fault is it?

Run a short movie of your past in the mind’s eye, and you’ll see the excuses you’ve been giving not to do anything significant. You’re a good person, but your habits are counterproductive. Whatever you do from morning to night is for instant gratification. In this way, you’re deteriorating your body and mind.

Can you see the detrimental effects of the habits of pornography and masturbation on your health?

Can you witness the degradation caused by gossiping and quarreling in your mind?

Can you feel the pain you’re inflicting on the lives of others with your unproductive way of living?

Can you analyze the quality of work you produce and deliver to your clients?

Life is a movement happening in the present moment. If you’re not aware of your habits and beliefs, you’ll never be able to elevate your self-esteem, and without that, you’ll have no confidence in anything.

Without confidence, whatever you execute will be the subsequent failure, and you’ll prove to yourself once again that you’re not good enough for anything. Life will remain the same but with more pain and suffering. Finally, you’ll land at the same dirty place where you rescued yourself.

You’ve time and money for exploration. Take the risk and enter the unknown. Surely you’ll get a few gems. You can change your life with a decision. Leave the known and embrace the unknown. A new life is waiting for you. You’ll be out of your home or comfort zone with a little push. Can you do that?

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