Excuse me. You’re on the Wrong Path.

Excuses are fabricated illusions we create to rationalize our behaviors when we’re too afraid to go after what we really want.

– Rumi

If you don’t know what you want, it’s okay to walk on any path, but if you know what you want and you’re beating a different drum, my dear friend, it’s a sin.

You’ve abundant resources and the talent to pursue your dream, but you lack the courage to chase your destiny.

I know your distractions, and I can’t advise, for once you’re committed, they’re too little to overcome by yourself.

My concern is about the enemy in you: fear and resistance. You’re getting defeated by these ghosts who rape human existence.

You can use the tools I’ve given you in earlier articles. It’s not just about you. I’m fighting the same battle, and so is every artist on this planet, but we’re not giving any excuses because we know they’re nothing more than an excuse.

If you want to know more about fear and resistance and how to win your inner creative battles, I suggest you read the War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

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