A man loves a girl ever so much; he never succeeds in winning her without a great deal of talking.

– Vatsyayana, Indian Philosopher

I could’ve texted you privately to answer your question, but I decided to write an article on it. Let me be short and stupid with my words.

I love her, but I can’t tell her the three short and simple English vocabulary words.

I love you.


Because I’m afraid of her response.

She can say…


Many of my friends never told their crush that they loved her.


Because they were afraid of losing their egos.

I will not convince you to propose to the girl of your dreams.

I’m going to tell you a simple truth.

What’s standing between you and her is fear.

You think that you’re not good enough, and because of that, you’re giving excuses.

My friend, it’s not about acceptance or refusal. It’s about the fear in you. You’re afraid of losing something that you don’t have.

The problem here is miscommunication. I’ve encountered many examples where they love each other, but no one says anything to the other. They keep on waiting, and life passes in front of their eyes.

The college years are over. She’s married to someone she has no interest in, and he is married to someone he doesn’t like, let alone fall in love with her.

Although it’s not my life story, I can still understand the problem. I can feel the pain of both.

There is work but no peace.

There is a relationship but no happiness.

There’s sex but no satisfaction.

Their lives are rotten tomatoes; no one wants to taste them.

Life gives us opportunities, but we keep skipping those, and one day we reach a destination from which there is no return.

There is no romance in life. The mind becomes dull, and the body becomes weak. There remains no enthusiasm in life…


Because there is no love, all that is there is fear.

Dear, if you love someone, tell her. Love doesn’t demand approval. You don’t need her body but spirit. If you do not tell her the truth, she’ll never know what you thought and felt about her.

All of your life, this truth will haunt you.

In a few months and years, she’ll be someone else’s bride, and you’ll be the groom of anyone else. This someone else will become a problem for both of you.

It’s one life. Please don’t waste it. Go and talk to her…

I love you.

Tell her about your genuine feelings for her and accept her decision. I believe you’ll not regret it.

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