It’s Your Story

Look at your face in the mirror, and I’m sure you’ll witness a person you don’t like.

Seriously, do you like yourself?

I mean, as it is without any change.

Do you accept yourself the way you’re?

Look at your nose and eyes, chest and belly.

What do you think about yourself?

Your hairstyle. Is that sexy enough?

Do you like yourself? I don’t believe your answer is yes. You’re lying. Don’t you?

We’re never satisfied with our looks and outfits. We find others more attractive and intelligent. Their faces reflect absolute confidence, and we console ourselves with fake self-esteem.

It’s hard to accept ourselves the way we’re. I don’t know from where comes this bane of disliking ourselves, but the truth is that, indeed, we don’t like ourselves.

We naturally witness ourselves as imperfect.

Am I not good enough?

To be true to you, I don’t know the answer. All I know is that I’m never satisfied with myself. If there is a person I hate the most on this planet, it’s none other than me.

No one ever abused, criticized, or insulted me the way I do for myself. I’m my most extensive critique. I keep on complaining about everything wrong with me.

I think that’s a form of cruelty, but anyway, I cannot change my conditioned mind.

To know something wrong is one thing and to make it right is another thing. Often it’s more complicated than we expect it to be. To love yourself unconditionally is one of the hardest things in the world.

How can anyone love oneself with so many imperfections?

No way, at least I can’t do that.

You would’ve been thinking, what the f*cking story you’re telling. It sucks my brain.

Exactly, I’m giving you nothing in this post except a reflection of my mind that resonates with yours.

Think about it?

You’re wasting your time abusing, criticizing, and insulting yourself.

Who’ll love you if you don’t have any appreciation for yourself?

Why did someone give you the f*ck of attention if you feel inferior in your eyes?

Dear, it’s not about me or anyone else. It’s about you and your beliefs. It’s about the way you treat yourself. It’s about the story you tell yourself.

No one is perfect on this planet, at least to my knowledge. Everyone is doing her best to prove herself better in the eyes of others, but what matters, in reality, is how you feel about yourself.

If you’re witnessing yourself from the eyes of others, you’ll be their slave for a lifetime. Anytime anyone makes you feel bad. Your happiness will be situation-dependent, and you’ll always feel like a victim.

Observe the thinker in your head. Your brain is in your control. Irrespective of the programming you’ve received from the environment, you can create new attitudes and beliefs that empower you to live a successful life.

In the upcoming posts under this section, I’ll create a structure that will help you to reprogram your mind effortlessly. With the practical exercises, you’ll be able to understand yourself better and practice the way to love yourself unconditionally. That’s the beginning of any healing you’re looking for.

Till then, goodbye and take care.




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