Where We Spend Our Precious Time?

You guessed it right. Social media is the greatest killer of our time.

“It is okay to own a technology, what is not okay is to be owned by technology.”

― Abhijit Naskar, Mucize Insan: When The World is Family

You guessed it right. Social media is the greatest killer of our time. It’s not that using social media”too much” is terrible, but I think it is unsuitable for our health. It’s my personal opinion. You may reject copying that.

I’ve found that I return with heartache 99 percent of the time if I’m online without a proper objective.

Oh my God.

How can I waste such an extended time on something cheap?

The bikini girl and her rebel, the naked one.

Where is my attention?

Does someone uploads porn videos or an entertainment series for a charity?

I’m confused.

A sexy lady sells rotten tomatoes, and her friend offers good-quality sauce.

To whom shall I go?

Facebook pundits or Twitter messiahs, Instagram models, or YouTube storytellers.

Should I go with the online date on Tinder or resolve my issues with my girlfriend on Snapchat?

WhatsApp or Telegram.

Where is my audience?

My dear friend, I don’t know about you, but it boggles my mind. I love to be there, but I hate to see people better than me preaching ideas about sex once a week and teaching how to create a fortune in one month.

Millionaires are selling their lifestyles, and beggars are donating cryptos to charity. It’s hard to find out who is running that campaign, presenting a unique way to win the heart of your dream girl in one message. But I’ve to take a subscription for that deal.

I didn’t have money, so I launched this blog to create noise amid silence.

No one gives the f*ck of a glance to this little corner of the web except my girlfriend, who commented last night, “You’re good at writing, but you’ve not produced anything worth reading till now. I received a message from an unknown guy who writes better than you. In the first message, he proposed to me. You took three years to say those three magical words. I’m now confused about whether you love me or your love is as fake as your writing.”

It isn’t straightforward. I’m ready to change but unwilling to learn from the past. People reject me because I’m too old for the new world.

Is that an order?

Cutie, I don’t want to waste my precious time chatting here more on such stupid topics. I’m waiting for you on Sapien Network to connect with you and test more features.

You may like that I was supposed to launch a course on social media addiction. Still, since no one, including you, will come to attend this course, I’m dropping this idea to create the following post on productivity. Hope you’ll not mind.

Goodbye, and please take intermittent fasting from social media at most minuscule for today.

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  1. Creatively expressed the problem of our generation. We need more articles from you and please offer some solutions, too.

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