WhatsApp My Friends

Do you remember how many times you opened WhatsApp today?

Was it necessary?

How many minutes you wasted on this single app?

My friend, it’s an addiction, like alcohol or smoking, to check your smartphone every five minutes. You expect an adrenaline rush to make you feel good by looking at the messages.

You have no idea how severely its effect affects your work’s productivity. It decreases your performance significantly.

It’s not a problem that you can ignore. It’s a health issue. In the long run, it will decrease your focusing ability. Without the ability to focus on a single task for long hours without distraction, you can’t achieve mastery in any field.

Please, don’t take it lightly. Open WhatsApp like Email when it’s necessary. It’s a good invention and a great tool to connect you with your family, friends, and professional team, but only if you attain Mastery in using it instead of becoming a servant of notifications.

Take the first step by turning off your WhatsApp conversation tones and notifications.

Remember not to check your smartphone often. That’s a great habit you can install in your system.

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