Free Your Mind

When we release the past and free our minds to perceive information of a new kind, we get a new way of thinking.

“I’ll be more enthusiastic about encouraging thinking outside the box when there’s evidence of any thinking going on inside it.”

― Terry Pratchett

Learning anything significant is impossible unless our mind is free from distractions.

Whenever we attempt to know anything worthy, the flashes of memories make us believe we’re not good enough.

We feel fear, doubt, and indecision that counter our progress. We get caught in a circle of negatively charged emotions whose purpose is only to hold us back. We don’t try anything new.

It’s the old beliefs and attitudes that control our actions.

When we release the past and free our minds to perceive information of a new kind, we get a new way of thinking. Our opinion about the world has started to change. We’re able to witness new realities that were previously anonymous to us.

We can bring this change through the reprogramming of our brains. First, we must accept that the old information in our heads is outdated. We need new updates. Then, certain beliefs make us feel inferior to others; we must work on that.

When we use blurts like, “I am not good enough, and I can’t handle that situation,” or “I have no talent, and I can’t earn money,” we’re hypnotizing ourselves into believing in pseudo-realities that have no existence. However, they still function in the world the way stories of ghosts and fairies work in kids’ minds. They create a presence in our minds.

We must understand the mind’s incapacity to differentiate fiction from reality. When we repeat certain beliefs over a long period, they become a pseudo-reality for us.

This knowledge is precious because we will use the same tactic to reverse our negative programming.

But knowing is not enough. We can’t change our lives merely by wishful thinking. We’ve to work hard to reprogram our brains. We’ve to engage our senses with emotions to integrate the process of learning new beliefs and attitudes. The rest is the action part.

Go out and test these ideas on a general audience. The new brain will create a new reality that we’ve never imagined.

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