Free Yourself From The Past

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”

― Bill Keane

Past means memories of specific events popping in your head.

What messages are these signals giving you?

Are they making you feel uncomfortable?

Do they create a fear in you about the future?

Is there an element of distraction in it?

The unobserved past creates tension in our life. We’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge and experiences, and now it’s disturbing the current flow. We become addicted to the kind of thinking where there is anxiety and fear.

We want to eliminate the pain, but we unconsciously keep playing the duplicate old gramophone records of painful experiences.

I’m talking about the girl in your head and the pain she gave you, but you’re still craving her attention. She ruined your life with her presence, but still, you call her an angel. That’s what I call confusion. You’re confused with the past.

You’ll get the same pain and suffering if you don’t know about your attachments and afflictions. You’ll keep on self-sabotaging yourself. It’s not love but lust that keeps you running behind someone without thinking about the consequences.

Free yourself from the past and be here now. See how beautiful the world is in front of you with the opportunities you never cared to notice. Your mind was captivated by a single thought. Repeatedly you were blocking your progress.

Today is the day when you can declare your freedom from the past. It’s a matter of acceptance and surrender of ego. Accept that you were wrong in your perception of the truth and surrender yourself to the Higher Self.

Give yourself another chance to learn and grow. It’s not a fight for anyone else. It’s for you to realize your true potential as an artist. You can unblock yourself and return to the studio where people are waiting for you to help and create one more masterpiece.

You can impact a thousand souls, but you’re wasting your life in the dark. There is nothing in those memories except real pain and false hope. Witness the reality and stop destroying yourself. That’s what I wish to say to you, my friend and I believe that after reading this message, you’ll take at least one step to change yourself.



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