How To Solve Your Life’s Problems With Forgiveness & Gratitude?

Forgiveness heals our emotional wounds. We become free of the pain within us. It helps us to open new dimensions for us.

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

– Melody Beattie

We face hundreds of problems daily. Some are related to health, and others are related to relationships. Sometimes our financial health is weak, and sometimes we lack the motivation to do anything significant.

I don’t know the perfect solution for all these problems, but the tools that work best for me are gratitude and forgiveness.

Let me show you how I use these tools to ensure my complete well-being.

Whenever I feel restless, I think about the person I need to forgive, and most of the time, it’s no one other than myself.

With the garbage of negative information in our heads, we abuse, criticize and insult ourselves more than anyone can do with us. We condemn our actions secretly for not producing enough results. We hate ourselves for not being good enough.

We need to forgive ourselves for everything we do that doesn’t measure up to our standards of perfection. We’ve to remember that we’re not perfect creatures. Invariably we’ll make mistakes, and we’ve to forgive ourselves.

Forgiveness heals our emotional wounds. We become free of the pain within us. It helps us to open new dimensions for us. We get introduced to new people and places that can help us navigate our life journey.

Gratitude is another fabulous tool that gives us absolute peace of mind. You can’t be confused and depressed while being grateful. Irrespective of the adversity of our condition in the present, we’re far better than millions of people who faced the holocaust of World War II.

We’re living far better lives than our ancestors and can have a bright future if we commit ourselves not to repeat past mistakes. Be grateful for what you’ve, and you’ll get what you don’t have. If you deserve it, the person, place, or thing will come to you walking on its feet.

Miracles happen when we practice gratitude and refuse any thought that represents scarcity of resources. The feeling of appreciation is magical. Not only does it give contentment to us, but it also shows us how to live a life of beauty and perfection.

I invite you to come with me and feel grateful for all those things that Nature has gifted you. Don’t be jealous of the luxury of others; appreciate the little that you’ve. The day will come when you feel true abundance and prosperity.

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