Gateway To The Wisdom Of Life

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.

– Aristotle

When we start our day in the morning, it’s a blank slate where we can draw and paint anything. There is a possibility of turning the day into the most beautiful day.

Unfortunately, most of the people around us live hectic life. They work for money and skip or run away from their work if they get a chance. For them, work is not worship; it’s a medium to earn money. Give them more money, and they’ll do another job.

One can’t be satisfied with life until she does the work with integrity and perfection. Suppose I’m writing this article for money and have no association of my senses to the pleasure I get from doing the task. In that case, I’ll be unable to produce quality work.

I don’t say that this work will achieve perfection, but I am doing the job and will be satisfied in the end because I’ve put my effort into the work.

Develop a habit of associating your senses fully with the work; then only, you’ll be able to derive maximum pleasure from the job while producing quality work.

Perfection and satisfaction come as a byproduct of the effort we put into the work. Our work is not to judge the quality of others’ work but to enjoy our work while learning ways to improve its presentation rate.

The more we practice with integrity better we understand the technicals of the work at hand. The day we start doing our job out of love and not merely for money, we upgrade ourselves from the status of a prostitute to a true lover.

A true lover may earn less but always have a higher standard of living. Prostitution with the work can’t bring long-lasting peace and satisfaction. One must select a job that she can perform well out of love. This love is the gateway to wisdom of life.

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