How to Deal with Fear of Uncertainty?

The fear of uncertainty is the case study of our deterioration. We fear because we've lost our integrity.

“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure. ”

― Mark Twain

We try to turn the probability of events in our favor, but we’ve no control over the outcome. Anything can happen at any time. We can lose the best of life anywhere amid chaos.

There is no way to create a foolproof, safe, secure future—those who don’t understand the probabilistic phenomenon of life falls as easy prey to fear of uncertainty.

People keep chasing the mirage of perfection, collecting materialistic things around them, and one day, a significant accident or illness kills their intent to live.

When we deprive ourselves of spiritual food, we become man-eaters. We start exploiting the rights of others and create mansions for ourselves. One day, the building of relationships collapses, and we’re emotionally dead.

Death can come in illusive forms, and we’re not discussing the physical end. Death happens during our aliveness when we compromise our integrity to satisfy animalistic cravings.

The fear of uncertainty is the case study of our deterioration. We fear because we’ve lost our integrity. The man of ethics is never afraid of anything because he is truthful to the needs of his soul.

While working for the needs of the soul, leaving the animalistic cravings, we experience a sense of bliss and satisfaction beyond the worldly sphere of happiness.

Out of this bliss and satisfaction blossoms love- an antidote to fear, this love is the cure for all the pain and suffering we’re getting here on this planet.

Cultivate compassion and never compromise your integrity. The Universe will drive you to the dimensions of love and ecstasy. It will fill your life with pure bliss and absolute satisfaction.

Take the example of any great men or women in history. They operate at the level of their soul. They work because of love and not for money. They leave a love mark on this planet.

They’re not afraid of uncertainty because they understand the probabilistic model of the Universe, and hence, they work in alignment with the natural forces of the Universe. The Universe guides them to write their destinies.

In upcoming articles under this section, we’ll discuss the role of probability in our lives. We’ll also discuss how to develop an edge that favors prosperity and success in our lives.

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