Guided Meditation: Exposing Your Fears

Focus on the present moment and feel grateful for what you have without judging any good or bad thoughts.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

– Franklin D. Rooseve

Take a deep breath and calm down your mind. Let all the dust settle down at the bottom so that the mind becomes crystal clear. Witness the flow of thoughts. Don’t try to stop or change them. Just let it all come and go.

Observe the flow of emotions and feelings. Look at the subtle intricacies of the mind.

Can you sense the appearance of fear and guilt, frustration and resentment, confusion and dissatisfaction?

Notice the flow of air in and out of your nostrils. Feel your hands and legs, genitals and face, abdomen and chest, hair and toe. Observe the subtle sensations because of the texture of your clothes and the quiet noises around you that you’re listening to. Don’t judge anything. Smell the air quality around you and taste the saliva in your mouth.

Can you sense the irritation in you?

The anxiety and the stress, let it come and go. Feel the energy concentration in your body.

Which part of the body is having most wonderful sensations?

Witness the fear of losing money, thoughts of bankruptcy, and poverty. Let it all come and go. Don’t try to change anything. Face the deep-rooted worries in you.

What’s that?

Focus on the present moment and feel grateful for what you have without judging any good or bad thoughts.

You can read these letters and words on the screen; isn’t that a miracle?

Notice the fluctuation of thoughts. What you’re witnessing in your awareness?

Is that a scene from a movie you watched years before or a traumatic experience of childhood?

Don’t get distracted by random thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

What makes you feel afraid?

Write down all the things, people, and places that haunt you daily?

Is that lack of money or deterioration in relationships, poor health, or depressive episodes that you’re watching; what’s the real problem?

Are you struggling with a disease, or you’re afraid that your wife will catch you red-handed having flirt with your girlfriend?

Why you’re fearful of everything around you?

Why this stress, anxiety and depression?

Who is going to interview you?

Find out the cause of your deep-rooted fears and identify the patterns. Is there a relationship between your concerns with the desires you’ve?

We can’t solve a problem without getting the actual cause of its origin. Dive deep within yourself and watch out for all kinds of fears and desires you’ve. You’ll get the exact cause of your problems. Once identified, you can solve that quickly because the solution is a part of the problem and vice-versa.

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