Guided Meditation: Love Your Body

Focus your attention on the breath and observe the natural flow of breath.

“Be your own version to smile.”   

– Anonymous

Please take a deep breath, hold it for three seconds and exhale. Now, could you wait to do anything? Focus your attention on the breath and observe the natural flow of breath. Witness the miracle of life; how softly the breath is coming out of your nostrils without interference.

Forget all about the past and future. Be here now and feel your body. Love yourself the way you’re. The eyes and the nose, ears and the tongue, your hairstyle, hands and legs, abdomen and chest, fingers and the wrist, foot and back, genitals and the buttock, everything is perfect. There is no need to change anything.

Accept your lips and hips as it is. Nature has created you with beauty and perfection. Don’t judge the work of Nature. Forgive yourself for the abuse, criticism, and insult you inflicted on your body. It’s cute and innocent. Reject all the ideas and opinions that you’ve heard against your body. Forget everything you watched and listened to that convinces you to believe you’re imperfect and ugly.

There is no need to watch the advertisements that promise to make you more beautiful. You’re good-looking with your natural charm. You don’t need to change anything. You need acceptance and love for yourself, and everything will transform itself.

Trust the intelligence of Nature. She designed you with perfection. There can’t be a fault in Nature’s creation. You’re Mother Nature’s loving child, ready to nourish you all of your life and beyond.

The body is the perfect mirror where you can witness the presence of your soul. I don’t have words to describe your beauty: creative eyes, loving cheeks, an innocent nose, rosy lips, beautiful white teeth, and a cute smile.

Remember always; you’re more than good enough. You’ve got a beautiful body-mind complex that’s divine. Every cell of your body is full of intelligence. Use that intelligence to create something beautiful that can inspire others to love them unconditionally.

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