Guided Meditation: Releasing The Past

Focus on your breath. Let go of the thoughts and feelings of fear. Don’t try to control your emotions. Be […]

Focus on your breath. Let go of the thoughts and feelings of fear. Don’t try to control your emotions. Be the witness to what’s happening inside your brain. The woman in red clothes, the shirtless man, the donkey or the monkey, whatever is coming in your mind’s eye, nothing is real. It’s your mind that is creating the projections.

Observe the deep-rooted desires and fears hidden in the unconscious mind; the sexual instinct, craving to be loved by someone, seeking respect and recognition from others, thoughts of jealousy and hatred. Witness the emotions of attachment and afflictions; how they create dukkha (suffering) in you.

Look for the confusion and craving to become intimate with someone and the never-ending desire to satisfy the senses. Recognize the fear of the world as well as the fear of death. Don’t do anything to suppress these desires and fears. Let it come and go.

Witness the flow of breath.

Can you see the urge to change everything from its present state?

Can you notice the subtle sensations in the body?

Can you figure out the dysfunctional beliefs in you?

Can you recognize the cause of your deterioration?

Can you feel the fear for your future?

Can you realize the effect of those drugs that you were taking?

Don’t try to change anything. It’s the mental movie of your life that you’re watching. It’s about a character who is afraid of everything, confused to witness the reality as it is, and unable to make a decision. She doesn’t know where to go and what to do.

She’s afraid of losing her love of life, which is the cause of pain. She’s attached to the pain. It hurts, but she still wants to remain in the relationship carrying the burden of a belief that is thousand years old. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone and is struggling with her brain and heart.

Let her go out of your mind. Don’t stop her. She’s no more alive. It’s her memories that are creating an illusion in you. You’re in a hallucination. She’s not real; neither does she’s any love for you nor respect. She’s no feelings and emotions for you. She’s dead; your attachment is making her alive by your brain creating the afflictions in your heart.

Please let her go. She’s not your destiny. For the last time, say goodbye to her and never look back.

She’ll never call you back because she’s not real. She’s a fake image of a false woman in your mind who’s pretending to be good.

Open your mind and see what level of destruction she’s done in your life. She ruined your entire life, and you still say she’s an angel.

She’s a witch who casts a spell of beauty and perfection on you. Break your bonds with her. There never was any love between you and her. Only you were running behind a shadow that exists nowhere.

Return to real life and do what’s necessary for your survival.

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