An Artist of Life

She starts her day by asking, "What can I create today without reducing Nature's beauty?"

If my heart could do my thinking, would my brain begin to feel?

– Van Morrison
A day in the life of an Artist.

She wakes up in the morning with a smile, grateful for a new day. It’s a precious gift for her.

She starts her day by asking, “What can I create today without reducing Nature’s beauty?”

With her sharp eyes, she spends the whole day reading the messages of creation. She seems lonely but is accompanied by the Creative Forces of the Universe. Her breath is gentle like a child, and her acts are innocent with full of surprises.

She imitates the perfection of creation but ends up with imperfection. She tries to learn and understand, each time coming to an end with something infallible, ethereal, and eternal.

Who is an Artist?

An artist is a curious child who actively observes Nature to understand its essence. An artist is an experimenter who, through trial and error, experiments unaffected by success and failure to witness the possible outcomes of creative experimentation.

What does the Artist do?

A musician ‘listen to the music of spheres’ to create a symphony, a writer makes a false attempt to shrink the ‘ineffable’ to words, a painter ‘imitates’ the divine manifestation on a blank canvas, and a sculptor turns an ordinary stone into a ‘live statue.’

Similarly, a photographer captures life’s precious moments with her camera, and a web designer ‘manifests the Universe‘ on the Internet cloud.

What gives an Artist the power to create something new in this world?

It’s their ‘lifestyle’ that is the product of continuous experiments to discover the hidden secrets of creation, not so secret but demand an ‘active observation’ to witness the Reality as it is.

Is there an artist in me?

There is a hidden artist in you. Could you give her permission to explore?

Please allow her to experiment with the unknown. Let her access the dimensions beyond the five senses and the little-thinking mind.

Where shall I start? 

It starts with a ‘choice.’ You’ve got the ‘choice to change’ and ‘act for the better end.’

You have the choice to choose from a menu of options.

You can choose how you wish to walk on the road to the future.

It’s True for many Sapiens and faithful for you because you’re an Artist.

Who am I?

An Artist of Life.

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