Guilt And Shame

We all commit mistakes in life, and some are even sins for that we’re unable to forgive ourselves. We’re angry at ourselves and seek ways to punish ourselves unconsciously.

The memories of the past haunt us, and we keep blaming ourselves for why we took that decision. We hate ourselves and hold the grudge forever with us.

Is that a sane way of living a life?

I don’t think so.

There is a voice within all of us that says;

You’re not good enough, and we believe it. We accept the words of this voice within us without questioning. It reminds us of our failures and tells us that we can’t do anything in life because we never did anything of significance in the past.

Further, it enlightens us that you can’t be wealthy and prosperous in an intelligent way. You’re a loser. You can’t have a decent lifestyle. You don’t deserve it.

My dear friends, this voice is the real sinner, not you. This voice is responsible for your deterioration, not you. It lives inside your head and rules your heart, always working against you. Your mistake is only that you can’t recognize the insanity of this voice.

It’s a belief that you’re not good enough, and there is no belief in the Universe that can’t be changed. Replace the thoughts of shame and guilt with indifference and innocence.

The truth is that you’re innocent. There were circumstances in which you didn’t have the wisdom to make the right decisions and took the wrong path that led you here, but you’re not the wrong person. I believe in the goodness in you, and I know that you’ll forget those past traumatic episodes and emerge as a humble and creative student of life with a bit of practice of forgiveness.

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