“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

― Mae West

For many people, it may be boring, but as artists, we find it the most exciting part of life.

Imagine the blue sky, the flying birds, the Sun, and the mountain. You got a picture. That’s it. We create stories of love and fear, bondage and freedom, despair and hope. It feels as if God has given us a magic wand with that we can manipulate reality.

For hours we keep thinking about the origin of the river from the mountain you visualized earlier.

Where does it end?

Is that ocean?

Can we manipulate it to end in the desert?

That’s how we work with stupid questions and with silly answers. There is no need to prove anything to anyone. We all are creative. There is no competition. We don’t care who came first. It’s the same because the script will be thrown in the dustbin after production.

So what’s next?

A new project with new people. Few strangers and few colleagues. The party starts again. It’s virtual. There is no sky, bird, Sun, mountain, or river. We’ll make the mountain cry this time because the river has left him and will meet the ocean.

Same stupidity, same silliness; what’s different is humor. This time we need a sense of humor. One of our colleagues is afraid of speaking, and we’re going to train her to fly like a bird in the sky. She has to ask questions to the audience…

Do you think I’m a terrible speaker?

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