How to Know for Which Work You’re Made?

I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.

– Vincent Van Gogh

It feels natural to us. The veterans of that field attract us. We’re willing to listen to them. Suppose we get an opportunity; we want to be like them. They’re our role models.

The rest of the jobs can be more rewarding, but the one made for us feels like heaven. We feel at home with that. Doing the work produces a kind of spark in our eyes.

We feel the natural flow of life through us while doing the work. Even others can notice the level of our enthusiasm. There is a kind of bravery and courage in that particular field.

We feel as if we’ve been created for only this work. For others, the result may be second or third grade, but for us, it’s sacred. We do it even if it doesn’t pay us anything.

We forget about time and limits. For hours we meditate on a single idea to produce something of value. It gives us satisfaction.

If you’ve not discovered till now the calling for your work, don’t feel disappointed. Keep on searching. One day you’ll find the exact idea behind that particular work.

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