A lot of our creative flow comes from a place of curiosity and exploration. It often feels like we’re excavating and asking questions and not just giving answers but exploring.

– Adrianne Lenker

Can you tell me the one thing you’re better at than the majority around you?

  • Singing, dancing, acting
  • Writing, direction, production
  • Drawing, painting, sculpting
  • Photography, videography, cinematography
  • Gaming, coding, designing

What’s the one thing you think you can do to beat the majority?

  • Are you good at sports of any kind?
  • Do you like teaching?
  • Is that cooking you’re fascinated with?
  • Are you interested in yoga and meditation?
  • If given a chance, would you love to practice a martial art?
It can be anything. You have to discover the inner call. You won't expect an answer based on the opinion of others.
  • Do you love to work alone or with a team?
  • Who’s your girlfriend- Mathematics or Biology?
  • Are you comfortable with Arts or Commerce?

If you dare to answer the above questions honestly, you’ll find the one thing you’ve made for.

Indeed, this list needs to be completed, and there are many less-known fields that the majority are unaware of. They need to be made aware of increasing the menu of options.

You can think out of the box to adopt a path that nobody in your family or relatives ever walked.

Our curiosity rather than our marks in the exams make us unique. You have a fantastic set of talents that you’ve to discover. For others, it may be hard to excel in that particular field, but you’ll be able to learn faster and succeed because of your natural talent.

Irrespective of your choice, it requires commitment and focus for an extended period to excel in any field. But you’ll be able to do that because that’s your niche. You’ll feel at home, dancing effortlessly to the song of life. You’ll enjoy the process involved and will be able to produce excellent quality work.

It becomes easy to live on this planet once we learn to decode the messages of life for our evolution. The Creative Forces of the Universe become our teachers. All we’ve to do is to follow their instructions.

The work becomes worship, and we surrender ourselves at the feet of the Goddess of Creativity. Whatever we do belongs to God and Heaven. We become the tools of the infinite to produce something that inspires us.

Isn’t that the work you wish to choose for yourself?

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