What’s Troubling You The Most?

“I seek strength, not to be greater than other, but to fight my greatest enemy, the doubts within myself”

― P.C. Cast

A quality life begins with asking quality questions. When we question our existing beliefs and attitudes, there is a shift in our thought and perception.

Suppose you’re an unemployed person or earning a little from your job or business. You can meditate on these quality questions.


  1. Why do I think I can’t earn significantly from my existing knowledge and experience?
  2. Why do I believe I can’t learn a skill that has the massive potential to make in the future?
  3. Why do I feel I can’t do a job or business that’s highly competitive?
  4. Why do I give up even before trying anything new?
  5. Why do I secretly wish for an easy and comfortable life?


  1. How can I upgrade my existing knowledge base?
  2. How can I gain more experience in less time?
  3. How can I save the time and money of the person or organization I work for/wish to work for?
  4. How can I create an edge for myself in a highly competitive environment?
  5. How can I come out of my comfort zone?


  1. What can I do to enhance my skills?
  2. What can I do to match the demands of today’s work culture?
  3. What can I do to learn the principles successful men and women follow?
  4. What can I do to make myself different from others?
  5. What can I do to increase my earning potential?

These are a few psychologically designed questions that, when asked in sequence, will trigger certain areas of your brain responsible for your current situation to think and act differently.

I request you try to answer these questions on high-quality paper with a pen or pencil. Writing helps you think clearly and focus on what matters in your life rather than feeling random about any topic.



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